To select a SUP downwind run there are some certain criteria such as safety, easy access from land and most importantly … the fun!

The area of Arkoudi in Kyllini is the western spot of Peloponnese and close to the open sea waves (swell) which is perfect for a downwind run.

In an unsuccessful trip for sup surfing, we discovered that with a certain wind direction, there was very easy access from flat water with offshore wind, which directs you straight to swell and the open sea.


The next thing we had to do was to study the map to see where this route would end, if the distance was big enough to worth the try and wether the finish point was safe.

A first glance at the map filled us with excitement since all the desirable conditions were covered and and the route line we draw from Arkoudi, stopped at the port of Palouki.

On the map we didn’t see any obious obstacles so the next thing to be done was to test the run to check the safety of the route, and if the wind and swell would smoothly guide us to Palouki.

On the day of the test we had the feeling od suspense followed by exploring the unknown, but quickly went well since the start marks were very encouraging.

Start point: Αρκούδι

The wind and wave conditions lead easily to the destination and the run rolled very smoothly and very pleasant.

The only that has not been calculated is the duration of the run, which was longer than expected. This makes the run very demanding and requires rider’s good physical condition.