Mediterranean Surf Contest is an invitational surf contest to be held in Greece in the period December 2015 – February 2016, according to suitable wave forecast.

It’s an idea launched by SOOK Board Family, a company with a long history in the commercial activity of surfing, which in collaboration with WBSF’s team, comes to its implementation.

The goal of MSC, is to create and establish an unprecedented for the Greek standards contest, following rules and regulations of global events and competitions. All athletes will be scored by certified judges, who have been invited to join the 2-day event.

As venue, we have selected the northwestern coast of Greece, and specificlly the beach «Valtos» which is located under the Castle of Pargas. An alternative selected area is the beach of Lygia, located between Preveza town and Pargas. These spots presents the ideal conditions for such an event and with the right forecast, the result is expected to be highly impressive.


George Papandreou 

The waiting period will begin on December 1, 2015 and will last until February 29, 2016. Tha final call to athletes will be announced at least three days before, basing on weather conditions. If within the given waiting the appropriate forecast does not occur, the Organizing team will announce the postpone of the event accordingly.

The 24 athletes, who have been selected to join by the organizing committee of MSC, will receive benefits such as discount on accommodation, breakfast and lunch pack during the contest. Additionally the first 4 of the competition will receive prize money, commemorative prizes and giveaways from sponsors.

The images and content that will come of the 2 days of MSC, will travel not only throughout Greece but also abroad, aiming to highlight the unique beauty of Greek coastlines and the right conditions presented for surfing in our country.

Waiting for the right weather forecast, soon all information about the Mediterranean Surf Contest will be announced.

See all the athletes who have registered at MSC, here!