Having the weather with us and the forecast improving day by day , everything is ready for the final of the Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour which will take place this weekend 24 and 25 October 2015 in cooperation with the Naxian Freestyle Contest, under the organization of the Prefecture of the South Aegean.

For the athletes who will participate to the event, there will be benefits such as free accommodation, food and prize promotions for the winners and the cash prize of 1.000€ for the 6 best of the event.


Naxos is a Pan-European destination for the Freestyle Windsurf, with athletes from all over Europe who choose it for their trainings.

Many of the Greek riders met in the island 3 weeks ago because of the GFWT & Naxian Freestyle Contest, since the first date of the event had been defined for the 3&4 October. The weather at that time was not favorable but the athletes didn’t miss the chance and took advantage of the spot to get some training. We had the opportunity to take a very good idea of what we had to expect the 2 days of the event.

One day at Laguna with +25knots…

Riders: Dimitris Malliopoulos, Ilias Zarkadoulas, Nikos Varelas, Manolis Orfanos, Dionysis Varelas, Thiseas Kambas

Filming: Stamatis Promponas, Thiseas Kambas, Vassilis Kilis

Soon will be announced the detailed program of the 2days event.

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Water Board Sports Festival (WBSF) |

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Περιφέρεια Νοτίου Αιγαίου |


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