Over the last two years we were fortunate to have the weather on our side and present athletic races with strong westerly winds. This year, unfortunately the weather did not do us a favor, because we already had the first postponement due to rain and now we are forced to give a second postponement.

This time the meltemi wind is really strong at the Agean Sea and the weekend on 9th and 10th of July 10 at Drepano north – northeast winds will prevail with high temperatures – conditions that are considered unstable in order to place a full racing program.

WBSF has always first priority the athletic side of the festival with the conditions necessary to perform high-level matches. Moreover, we respect the athletes’ requirements in terms of conditions, their time and their expenses to visit the festival, especially for those who come from distant places of the country.

Based on the above and in cooperation with the athletic club CAPE Drepano, the decision was taken to move the festival at the end of summer with first possible date for the 27 & 28 August and alternative dates the coming weekends, if a new transfer is necessary.

The confirmation of the event for the weekend of August 27 & 28 will be given seven days before, so that all athletes have the chance to organize their program.

We ask for the understanding from athletes, friends and visitors. We believe that the Kitesurf Festival is a high level event and should stick to delivering a highly impressive two day event, full of races, spectacle and fun.

Keep up the training!