The weather is our main ally in any WBSF event. To set a date for conducting any event, our team closely monitor the weather forecasts and decides based on them.

May and June are the best months for Drepano spot! Although long-term forecasts that we saw (accuweather, myforecast) didn’t show that the weather conditions would be ideal for the weekend May 14 & 15, the short-term forecast sites began to show that something right was coming. And so we set the first possible date for.

Based on last year’s event, which was held in a very good prognosis and for 2 days the sea and wind conditions were ideal, we want the «Treehouse Challenge» to roll with the same standars and nothing less.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t do us a favor and the weather began to change constantly, not only in the region of Patras but in the Ionian Sea also. Until today, we have decided that this is not the right weekend for the 2-day event, in order to fit all that we want to do.



Καιρική πρόγνωση για Σάββατο 14/5

Currently we postpone temporarily the event and expect the forecast for the coming weekend 21 & May 22