Manic Side team‘s friends and Corfu’s active surfers responded to the invitation for the projection of the 1st Mediterranenan Surf Contest on Thursday, 21st of April at Polytechno.

mediterranean surf contest

mediterranean surf contest

Spiros Badios, member of the Manic Side team told us a few words about that night: 

Besides watching an excellent athletic movie, it was a grat opportunity for gathering outside of the water, in different conditions and with the comfort of just hanging without waiting the wave sets like we do other times…

We took a glance of the Greek surf’s future and after we admired the athlete’s level and the performance of our friend Alex Pappas who won the 1st place in the competition, we continued the night in the cozy area of the bar. 

See all the photos from that evening, taken by Giannis Michalas…

We would like to thank the Manic Side team and everyone who attended for the warm welcome of the film and the support .

Until next time!

WBSF team