Stand Up Paddle has joined the Greek community of water board sports and over time, more and more people are getting involved with it.

One of the most exciting and adventurous forms of SUP is the Downwind paddling where riders start from one point and taking advantage of the wind and the waves, cover long distances. This kind of paddling requires careful planning to make sure that the route will not present unexpected surprises.

Similar races take place worldwide, with benchmark Molokai to Oahu (M2O). In our country there are already some familiar runs covering the different Paddlers’ preferences. Motivated by these paths, WBSF’s Epic SUP Crosings, has the purpose to discover and explore such runs throughout Greece and present them to the public.

The first route selected, is from Arkoudi Kyllinis to Palouki Amaliadas, 20-km distance, which with the appropriate wind conditions (NW wind and wave), will offer great excitement to the skilled Paddlers.


The paddlers who will participate in the Epic SUP Crossings are selected based on some subjective and objective criteria relating to their experience, their performance and their presence in the area of ​​SUP Downwind in Greece.

The final number of participants is limited, due to importance of security matters, since the event is particularly demanding and the safety of the athletes is important and above all.

Nevertheless, if someone believes that meets all the above criteria, may contact us at and we will be glad to search the possibility in including him in the race.

To the paddlers not included in this event, we promise that in the next one will try to include more participants.

Soon we will announce all the information related to the event. Until then, you can make your profile and enter the world of WBSF! Automatically you will be informed about the progress of the event and you will take part in many prize givings!!!

DATE: The event initially was scheduled to be held within 2015. Due to lack of suitable weather conditions, the races are re-scheduled for 2016.