Freestyle Windsurf «Treehouse Challenge»

Μετά από μια σειρά συναρπαστικών αγώνων freestyle windsurf το 2015, η χρονιά ξεκινάει με ένα event που έρχεται για να μείνει! Το Treehouse Challenge, είναι η φυσική εξέλιξη των αγώνων Windsurf Freestyle που πραγματοποιήθηκαν για πρώτη φορά το 2015 στο Δρέπανο.

Με σήμα το δεντρόσπιτο, σήμα κατατεθέν των local Windsurfers, το Treehouse Challenge υπόσχεται ένα καλοκαιρινό 2ήμερο δίπλα στην θάλασσα γεμάτο εντυπωσιακούς αγώνες freestyle windsurf.

Πρώτη πιθανή ημερομηνία διεξαγωγής έχει οριστεί για 14 & 15 Μαΐου 2016.

Σε περίπτωση που οι καιρικές συνθήκες δεν είναι οι κατάλληλες, θα υπάρξει αναβολή και νέα ημερομηνία. Σύντομα θα ανακοινωθούν όλες οι πληροφορίες που αφορούν το event.


The all seeing Treehouse [pic by Orestis Zoumpos]

Μέχρι τότε, δες τι έγινε στο Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour 2015 στα παρακάτω links:

1st Stop: Drepano
2nd Stop: Naxos

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Freestyle Windsurf «Treehouse Challenge»

About a year ago, the dream for freestyle windsurf races in Drepano beach, became a reality. The Greek freestyle scene embraced the first Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour which made the tour’s 1st stop on the 24 & 25 of May 2015 and this was the beggining of the first series of matches in Greece, with the same rules and conduct different parts.

Since then we have seen many athletes raising the level, making us rub our eyes with moves such as air chachoo, skopu and more. The warm welcome from the locals and the support of the local community and the interest of freestyle scene abroad for the level of the Greek riders and the ideal conditions that our country presents for these sports. But most, we were pleased that we saw the new generation to take its first steps in freestyle windsurf and even participate in the racing side.

This year, the Greek freestyle scene is called once again to face a challenge, the «Treehouse Challenge» to be held traditionally longer in Drepano beach.

With logo the treehouse, landmark of the Locals, the Treehouse Challenge promises a 2-day summer event by the sea, full of spectacular freestyle windsurf races.

First possible date is set for 14th and 15th of May 2016. If the weather conditions are not suitable, will be postponed and a new date will be announced.

Until then, see what happened at the Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour 2015:

1st Stop: Drepano
2nd Stop: Naxos


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