A very special project starts today 24/6 just before midnight …

After the forced postponement of 5th Kitesurf Festival for the 25th & 26th of June due to bad weather, we had to solve another small “issue”. What would we we do with our world champion guest, Youri Zoon!

For the record, several weeks ago we invited Youri to come to 5th Kitesurf Festival and he accepted the invitation something that made us really excited, and all the friends of the Kitesurf Festival. It is a really big thing such an athlete to visit your country and your event.

Immediately all the preparations began and then….. the postponement came. Unfortunately, the Youri’s program was impossible to change and come again on 9th and 10th of July, as at that time he will be in America for a Slingshot demo.

When we asked him if he would like to come without the festival being held, he told us, “if it is important for you, i will!”

Well it was very important indeed. It is not easy to have such opportunities and when you do, you have to grab them.

Youri will arrive on 24/6, around midnight at Eleftherios Venizelos. From that moment, a mini tour begins with the Slingshot Greek team and WBSF, for destinations in Greece, still undetermined. Along with the team will be Orestes Zoumpos and Themis Lampridis (Mr Thing About Greece), who will capture every moment.

You know what that means! Back on the road again, new destination coming up. Can you guess where to? #travel #airfrance #starbucks #wheretonext?

Posted by Youri Zoon Kiteboarding on Friday, 24 June 2016


Three days, cars, buses, ships, motorbikes, laptop, tablets, 2 photographers, 2 filmer, three athletes, two weirdos and a hashtag – #whereisyourizoon.

From tonight then, a photo bulletin starts in the WBSF page with photos whch gives a hint of where, what and who.

What you have to do? Write your comment on the facebook posts marked with the hastag #whereisyourizoon at the WBSF page, the location you believe that is Youri Zoon, and enter into an online gift giveaway with gifts from sponsors of the 5th Kitesurf Festival. Rules do not exist … just comment as much you like!

All comments will be collected until Tuesday 28/6 at 00:00. The prizes will be drawn on Saturday 9/7 evening at Kitesurf Festival!

#whereisyourizoon (click it)