book-coverEvery event has a unique sponsorship plan that provides all the necessary details. It is important for us to get the full picture of all our actions in order to advertise your brand in the most efficient manner. For this reason we standardize our facilities both in visibility materials and the individual services.

With the aim of attracting as many people as possible to come into the world of WBSF, regardless of geographical constraints, we focus on digital activations and all activities using new technologies.

We offer full visibility sponsorship packages; this does not mean that there is no flexibility in creating new ones. We can customize our packages or to redefine according to your needs.

Our team has prepared carefully and gives you options to fully view your sponsorship support both our own means and in yours.

More specifically, we have a carefully thought out plan projection of our sponsors and supporters, including their integrated promotion, which starts months before the events will culminate during the event and will continue after the expiry.

Indicatively, the promotional plan for the advertising sponsors include placing their logo on posters, flyers, the communication platform and digital platform, in promotional and outturn Videos, but also in participants’ sports shirt (lycra) , while extensive will be the reference of our supporters in press releases and in our publications.

The WBSF, aspire to become soon a very dynamic, complete and widely recognizable institution in the field of water board sports and all of WBSF team works systematically and methodically in this direction.

WBSF 2015 Recap Highlights

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