After many impressive freestyle windsurf, SUP and kitesurf races in various places of Greece, it is time for the Epic SUP Crossings, an event that will raise the level of interaction and viewing for anyone wanting to attend remotely.

The SUP races in long distances, although is difficult to follow them from land and get into the rhythm and momentum of athletes, are particularly appealing to the public and quite challenging for athletes.

Here comes the technology and the desire of some people in order to present something that will satisfy even the most demanding audiences and be able to watch the event from the comfort of their couch.

For this event which is a 20-km distance from Arkoudi Kyllinis to Palouki Amaliadas, athletes will take advantage of the wind and the waves to cover the distance paddling upright, will be equipped with special detection systems, which will broadcast live their positions with Live GPS Tracking in the specially designed microsite of the event. In addition there will be constant update with photos and information (live ticker) from the race.


As it happens in the biggest race of its kind in the world (Molokai2Oahu), so this is the first time in Greece that viewers will be able to watch the event through a specially designed application and be informed of the location of each participant, speed, chosen line cruising and the distance remaining to finish, so you have a constant flow of information and an estimation of the final result.

Also, the viewer can choose to monitor charts with the performance of one or more athletes, their Profile information -as registered on the website of WBSF- among which is the selection of equipment for the journey.

Besides the Live Gps Tracking, there will be a constant update on the site and the social media of WBSF with content from the event and of course the spectators will be able to interact, making a participatory mark even from far.

Even after the event whoever wishes can relive the run stepby step on the map along with additional statistical information.

Due to the location and duration of the event, the use of these technological tools will make it much easier and fun to watch it, something like the big brother!!!

The only thing left to expect, is the ideal weather conditions!