Unfortunately the weather didn’t give us the desired forecast for the weekend 3 &4 October.

Thus, the final Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour which will take place at the Laguna of Naxos with the cooperation of the Naxian Freestyle Contest, under the coordination of the prefecture of South Aegean, is expected to be organised probably on the 10th and 11th October.

The decision about the cancellation was taken two days ago, on Wednesday, after all the time limits had expired. Apart from the organisation team of the WBSF and the Naxian, some of the riders had already arrived at the island to check the spot and get some training there just before the races start, since the conditions until Friday are ideal (daily 25-35 knots!) Some of them were terrified when they saw the forecast….

wbsf-gfwt-flisvos-party203 (2)

So, we decided not to leave them with the disappointment of cancelation and to try to make their staying as good as possible. For the Wednesday evening, we had organised a barbeque pre-event party at the Flisvos Beach Cafe with plenty of food, drinks and gathering among friends, co athletes and others.


For the same evening it had been organised the formal opening of the event to the public from Jan Andres (Flisvos Sport Club), Stamatis Promponas (Laguna Beach Park) and Manolis Orfanos (Flisvos Water Sports).

The evening started normally, but as usually happens, when you have a long time to meet good friends, it continued in an endless party with many smiles! Some of the incidents of the evening……

The result? Naxos proved how friendly island is and all of them renewed their next meeting, even more impatient for the event!

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