Discount in all Island Tribe sunscreen products!

The ISLAND TRIBE, is a company with sunscreen products, which [...]


A very special project starts today 24/6 just before midnight [...]

Freestyle Windsurf “Treehouse Challenge”

About a year ago, the dream for freestyle windsurf races in [...]

MSC’s recap movie in Corfu by the Manic Side Team (photo)

Manic Side team's friends and Corfu's active surfers responded to [...]

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All news | Website | Event status: WP:20.10.2016

The trials of the 2nd Mediterranean Surf Contest

WBSF's late call paid off and the Trials event of [...]

2nd Mediterranean Surf Contest – first announcement

The time for the 2nd Mediterranean Surf Contest has come! [...]


All news | Website | Event status: Pending

Postponement and new dates for the Treehouse Challenge

The weather does not seem to be an ally of the Treehouse [...]

New date for the “Treehouse Challenge”

The weather is our main ally in any WBSF event. [...]


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Meet the Epic SUP Crossings

Stand Up Paddle has joined the Greek community of water board [...]

The run from Arkoudi to Palouki for the 1st Epic SUP Crossings

To select a SUP downwind run there are some certain [...]


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5 years Kitesurf, 5 years Festival! Video from the 5th Kitesurf Festival

The 5th Kitesurf Festival by TITAN with major sponsors the FRULITE [...]

The 5th Kitesurf Festival in Drepano Achaias!

The consecutive summer north winds did not last long enough [...]


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Photo from the 2nd Greece On Board Festival & Eurotour!

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July, we saw [...]

Report from the 2nd Greece On Board Festival & Eurotour by FRULITE ONTHEGO

Two wonderful days passed by at Schinias beach, on the 2nd [...]

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