First announcement for Mediterranean Surf Contest

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After two months of waiting and several false alarm, the present forecast seems very promising and we may finally have races! Current weather forecasts indicates that conditions on the 15th and 16th of February 2016, have some positive criteria which may be suitable for us to perform the 1st Mediterranean Surf Contest in Valtos beach, [...]

WBSF The 2015 Flashback

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The year 2015 filled us with unforgettable moments and emotions. Moments we shared with all athletes, partners, sponsors, friends and those who entered the world of WBSF and experienced first hand the magic that water board sports offer. This review will remind us of our first year as a milestone and provides the basis to [...]

Restube is WBSF’S Official Safety Partner

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In WBSF, in addition to promoting water board sports and creating demanding sport races, we emhasize on the safety of spectators and athletes. During the past year, the events were supported by lifeguards, rescue boats and medical personnel. Given the particular nature and difficulty of the sports, we decided to move to another [...]

The Mediterranean Surf Contest (MSC)

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Mediterranean Surf Contest is an invitational surf contest to be held in Greece in the period December 2015 - February 2016, according to suitable wave forecast. It's an idea launched by SOOK Board Family, a company with a long history in the commercial activity of surfing, which in collaboration with WBSF's team, comes to its implementation. The goal of [...]

The 1st Mediterranean Surf Contest in the «Castle» of Pargas

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Surfing in Greece first appear in the early 90's. On the shores of Pargas at the Ionian Sea, the locals George Papandreou, Kostis and Akis Geralexis started surfing the Ionian waves, promoting and recruiting and other friends to the sport. Akis & Kostis Geralexis, George Papandreou (1998) During those years, other spots with ideal conditions for surf were discovered, such as the [...]

The video from the final of the GFWT 2015 and the Naxian Freestyle Contest v.2

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In 24&25 October took place the final of the Greek Freestyle Windsurfing Tour 2015 and the Naxian Freestyle Contest v.2 in Naxos, under the organization of the Prefecture of South Aegean and the big sponsorship of the Veronis Jacobsen Development & Constructions. The wind exceeded the 35 Knots, there was a prohibition of sailing in the [...]

The Super Session at Laguna Beach Park

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The Laguna Beach Park, is placed since 2013 at Laguna of Naxos, in a spot with ideal conditions for freestyle windsurf and many from Greece and abroad choose for their trainings. What makes this certain spot different, is its geometry. Like a small bay which is at the same time open to the wind, it [...]

Photos from the GFWT finals & Naxian Freestyle Contest V.02

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You can see photos from the 2 days event, 24&25 October, of the Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour & Naxian Freestyle Contest powered by WBSF, which took place to the Lagouna of St, George in Naxos under the organization of the Prefecture of the South Aegean and major sponsor the Veronis Jakobsen. Stay tuned for the [...]

Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour 2015 Finals & Naxian Freestyle Contest V.02

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Αfter a false alarm for the weekend 3-4 October, a strong system made its appearance for the past two days and the green light was given for the big final of the Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour 2015 in cooperation with the Naxian Freestyle Contest v.02, organized by of the Prefecture of South Aegean and under [...]

GFWT & Naxian Freestyle Contest: the two days programme!

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Everything is ready at the Laguna of Naxos for the final Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour and Naxian Freestyle Contest V.02! A little rain doesn’t embarrass us and the action is expected to be non stop, with the best riders of Greece. For the athletes out of Naxos, the organisers have taken care by offering transfer, [...]