We welcome ISLAND TRIBE, official WBFS partner!

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The ISLAND TRIBE is a series of sports sunscreens that came relatively recently in Greece. Researched and developed by leading workshops in South Africa and Australia in order to ensure their quality and excellent sun protection What we like most with ISLAND TRIBE is that they not only offer reliable sun protection for all sport [...]

The 1st Kite Girls Bootcamp at Drepano Achaias!

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The Kitesurf Girls Bootcamp (KGB) is a dream come true after many years! The athletic club Cape Drepano, is association with WBSF  are organizing the first educational event for the sport of Kitesurf, and it is only for girls! KGB will take place at Drepano Achaias from the 5th to 8th of May! During the 4 days, the program will [...]

1st MSC Recap Movie Premiere at the Kitty Kat

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WBSF first appeared about a year ago, presenting the program of its actions in an acquaintance night, while on the same evening the projection of a foreign production held, the film "SUP The Movie" by Poor Boyz Production. A year later, with many successful collaborations, activities and sporting events, it is high time for WBSF to [...]

1st Mediterranean Surf Contest – Recap Movie Premiere!

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Almost two months after the 1st Mediterranean Surf Contest, it's time to live again the unique spectacle the 24 athletes who honored us with their presence gave us, at the beautiful place of Pargas, one Tuesday of February. Since Tuesday seemed to be our lucky day, this Tuesday on April 12, will be held the [...]

WBSF Mediterranean Surf Contest – backstage

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A surf contest is a challenge worldwide since it depends on the weather. Especially in Greece where the right wave conditions are almost instantaneous. The provision for satisfactory wave can be given to a relative accuracy of 1-2 days before and still may not appear . The Mediterranean Surf Contest had many questions that should [...]

Mediterranean Surf Contest – competition review

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The Mediterranean Surf Contest came and covered the whole range of water board sports for WBSF, without missing the infrastructure and key marks that characterized each event of the other sports. In this the event, perhaps the biggest question was whether the racing form of surf can be born in Greece, and we think that was answered if we [...]

Mediterranean Surf Contest: a new era in Greek surfing

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After the final call and all the necessary preparations, everything was ready for the Mediterranean Surf Contest that held on Tuesday 02/16/2016, in Valtos beach in Parga. Twenty-four of the best athletes from all over Greece, traveled to take part in the contest, organized by the WBSF and Sook Board Family with major sponsor the [...]

How to get to Parga for the Mediterranean Surf Contest

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Besides the athletes who will compete in the Mediterranean Surf Contest, huge is exected to be the interest of the visitors and friends of surf who come to admire the athletes' performance, since it is rare so many good athletes to gather in a top spot with top conditions ... Most of you can go [...]

Final call of the Mediterranean Surf Contest

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We are happy to announce that the expected forecast has been confirmed and we have a final date for the Mediterranenan Surf Contest finalized for February 16th 2016. South swell coming from the Adriatic which will bring approximately 1.5 to 2 meters waves in Valtos beach, in Castle of Parga with soft offshore winds. Athletes have already been informed and we preparing the [...]

Meet Mediterranean Surf Contest’ s judges!

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When we first started to organize the Mediterranean Surf Contest, a major issue we had to solve was, who could judge the athletes.. We decided to reach out to people with experience in international races. Calling people from abroad who have held professional athletes and have the necessary experience for us was the only way. [...]